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Megged by top-caliber director Don Escudero from a Jose Javier Reyes screenplay, tells a powerful tale of love, desire and destruction. Zoren Legaspi plays a discharged military man hobled by battle shock and Ara Mina's lover who unfortunately figures in a shooting incident that ends up homicidal and eventually lands him in jail.

Enter Matthew Mendoza. A laid-back kind of guy. Ara subsequently becomes the object of a violent tug of war between Zoren and Mathew. Each one of them with a big reason to stake their claim on the woman of their dreams.

How the two met unfortunately resolve this nasty conflict becomes an exciting scenario for one of the year's most unforgettable viewing experiences.

Starring: Ara Mina, Zoren Legaspi, Matthew Mendoza, Pinky Amador, Pocholo Montes